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Well I am glad you asked! Fladä is what we call a quiche in Swiss German. Fladä / quiche has always held a very special place in my heart. I so fondly remember going shopping with my mom on Friday mornings and picking up a fresh quiche from the store, taking it home, heating it in the oven and enjoying every bite, the company and conversation.

Allow me to bring this happiness to your home one bite at a time! 


Cheese Onion

Crafted from the finest imported Gruyere, paired with local organic onions and some spices and nestled in a buttery crust, baked with love and passion for satisfying that cheesy, savory craving!

Feedback from our tasting team
“The cheese/onion combo pairs so beautifully. Left me wanting more!."


Fresh leafy spinach sauteed with onion and garlic in a pan with a bit of olive oil to let the flavors mingle, then we add a little Gruyere and fill it in the buttery crust and bake it to create a balanced savory quiche your tastebuds will appreciate!

Feedback from our tasting team
“Delicious! Very fresh taste; appreciated how bright green the spinach was after being cooked, adding visual appeal."


Local mushrooms, sauteed in olive oil with just the  right amount of onion, garlic, a few spices, and herbs, then gently placed in our buttery crust with a little Gruyere and baked to create the perfect savory mushroom experience!

Feedback from our tasting team
“For me, the mushroom pieces were the perfect size to match each bite. The flavor of this sample was different in that the cheese was less apparent and the overall impression was mushroom and pastry shell."

Walnut Tart

Torta da nush is what you call this decadently delicious creation from the mountains of Switzerland. This divine combination of cookie crust, walnuts, organic sugar, and honey is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Feedback from our tasting team
“Rich & Wonderful! The pastry is perfection; lovely texture, a bit crispy but not crumbly. Filling is just sweet enough without being cloying. Would pair well with morning coffee!"

Linzer Cookies

Ahh, Linzer Cookies! Usually, only seen around Christmas, but hey, I don’t mind spreading a little Christmas cheer throughout the year! These sweet little delights are made from ground almonds, flour, lemon, and butter, baked to perfect crunchiness, and assembled with a dollop of fruit jam.

Feedback from our tasting team
“Outstanding! Jam filling was tangy without being bitter; cookie had a nice, soft texture with a bit of unexpected crunch from the almonds. Not overly sweet, which is always nice."


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