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The Zen of Creating dough from scratch

My dear reader, if you think of dough = money, sorry, you are in the wrong spot. But please stick around and let me explain how working with dough feeds my soul, which far transcends anything money can buy. The process, sensory experience, and nourishment build a circle centered in the basic functions of what it means to be alive. Maybe I am hungry, but my mouth is watering while I write, I think I will need some dough time today!

My process

Enter the alchemist’s workshop (aka Kitchen), take a seat, close your eyes, take a few minutes, breathe and visualize what you are about to undertake. Go through each step you plan to take, think of your finished dough, and smile. Open your eyes slowly; you are ready! I like to pay attention to each step and put purpose behind it, only do what is needed, be gentle to yourself, and remember you can't do anything wrong; you can only learn from the process.

Gather your ingredients and measure and place every ingredient in a bowl or plate, be precise and take your time; enjoy each of them as you place them. Now, look at everything laid out, ready to go (in a french called Mise en place). Good job, pat on the back; you got this!

Get ready to work your hands; of course, you cleaned them already because you care! Pour all ingredients together and dive your fingers right in. Work all the ingredients together and observe how the matter changes and transforms right in front of your eyes; go slow, go fast, kneed hard or soft, let the dough tell you. Enjoy every kneading motion; punch the dough if you feel like it; maybe it needs it. There is no wrong way. When is the dough ready, you wonder? I would ask my Mom the same question. She would look at me and say: It is ready when it’s ready. Now when your inner self lets you know that you are done kneading, form the dough into a shape that feels right to you and marvel at what you have just accomplished! Take a few deep breaths and smile! You are the alchemist; you have the power to transform matter!

Giving time and purpose to your dough making and cooking, in general, will be well worth it. Savoring the finished quiche and knowing the attention and purpose you put into it will nourish your body and feed your soul, and, of course, bring you Happiness one bite at a time.

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